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了解什么类型的运输公司正在运送货物是至关重要的。 运送货物不是技术上的挑战,而是承运人的诚信。

我们有运营商关系。 我们审查了这些承运人,并运费测试。 简而言之; 我们知道他们。 我们的运输伙伴已经经受住考验,并以运费证明自己,而不是承诺。

我们使用行业领先的McLeod TMS 软件。

复杂的货主知道,设备可用性和服务一致性远比价格更重要。 而不是低价格的鼓声,我们知道载体适合是最重要的 标准。 我们会根据您的要求给您一个诚实的报价,我们可以做到最有效。

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We call the market.Zh

用我们的脉搏,我们每天评估供求的现实情况。 我们知道哪里的产能和需求失衡,以及如何使用这些信息来协商最佳利率。 我们定位                                  我们自己作为一个宝贵的研究工具,在你的工作。



  • Zh.Immediate Access to capacity
  • Experience
  • Existing carrier relationships
  • Perspective
  • Negotiating skill
  • Established credibility
  • Proprietary technology for locating capacity and evaluating market conditions


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(EN) Over the past 10 months, we have been using 3PL Advantage for many of our partial and full truckloads. They have done an outstanding job and provide excellent service. They offer affordable pricing and their customer service is second to none. I would strongly recommend their service for any companies out there looking for a great dependable broker/carrier.

(EN) I have been working with 3PL for 2 years now and their service is always professional, efficient, and honest. They handle our freight all over the US and always keep us updated – which I find to be key! We are a company that tends to need trucks very last minute and 3PL always delivers.

ZH.Our company has been working with 3PL Advantage for 3 years. We recieve fair rates and James does a phenomenal job keeping communicating the status of our shipments. They’ve been there when we need last minute trucks on many occasions. I’d recommend 3PL to anyone who wants a reliable logistics company.

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